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April 21, 2015

Beaches in Donoussa

Most beaches in Donoussa Greece are unorganized and remote. The only organized coast with some close tourism amenities is the beach close to the port (main village). The other Donoussa beaches are remote and therefore ideal to enjoy some privacy. They can be reached on foot, by bus or by the small wooden boat “Donoussa Magissa”. Some beaches are known for free camping.

Kedros beach

Sandy, Secluded, Non-Organized, Nudism-Friendly

Location: 3 km east of Town
Description: Kendros is the largest beach on the island. It is a sandy coast that gets very popular with free campers. The beach is pretty safe and protected from strong winds.


Livadi beach

Sandy, Secluded, Non-Organized, Nudism-Friendly

Location: 5 km east of Town
Description: Livadi is a nice beach with crystal waters, surrounded by huge rocks. It can be reached on foot or by boat from the port.


Port beach

Partly-Organized, Sandy, Small Harbor

Location: 500 metres from Town
Description: The beach right at the port of Donoussa gets pretty crowded as this is where most tourist amenities are found. It has crystal water and a long, sandy coast.


Kalotaritissa beach

Pebbled, Non-Organized

Location: 10 km north of Town
Description: This is a small cove with crystal water and narrow coast. It is surrounded by rocky landscape and it is an ideal environment for total privacy.



Nudism-Friendly, Non-Organized, Sandy

Location: 200 east of Kalotaritisa
Description: The small sandy bay of Trypiti is situated on the northeastern side of Donoussa, around 200 meters away from Kalotaritissa village.


Fikio beach

Pebbled, Secluded, Non-Organized, Nudism-Friendly

Location: 6 km east of Town
Description: Fikio is a small natural cove with clean water surrounded by a rocky landscape. It can be reached by tour boat from Donoussa.


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